Official Name: Ukraine

Capital: Kyiv

Currency: Hryvnia

Ukraine, the 2nd largest country, is entrapped with flat land, mountains having fertile plains known as steppes, are perfect for growing crops like wheat in Europe. Ukraine is also considered to be the “breadbasket of Europe.” The total population is about 42,969,627 and the total area of Ukraine is about 603,550 km². Ukrainian is the official dialect of Ukraine.

Ukraine assigns its borders with the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Slovakia. Ukraine’s longest river, called as The Dnieper which is the Europe’s fourth-longest river.

Ukraine has a moderate climate having cold, snowy winters The coldest months remain from December–March, as the temperature below up to –20 °C while Summer is warm remain from June -September, normally the finest time to visit.

The religion of Ukraine is Christianity belong to Eastern Orthodoxy. Jewish and Muslim in very few numbers reside in Ukraine.

Ukraine Government

The upper legislative chamber of the Ukrainian government has unicameral Verkhovna Rada known as the Supreme Council of Ukraine.  The prime minister is the head of government, appointed by the president with the consent of the legislature. The President voted for period of five-year, is the head of state. The president acts as the commander in chief of the armed forces. So, the president, with the accord of the prime minister, assigns the members of the cabinet. The cabinet is controlled by the prime minister and the president has the authority to discharge the prime minister and the cabinet.

Kyiv the most populous city, is well-known for metro station, “Arsenalna Metro Station” in the world and the well-known sports that Ukrainian are crazy to play as track and field, volleyball, shooting, basketball, Football, swimming, and gymnastics. 

The famous dishes belong to Ukraine as borscht, a hot beetroot soup customarily served with garlic doughnuts, varenyky, known as dumplings stuffed with fillings like potatoes, sauerkraut, or strawberries, holubtsi, is prepared as cabbage rolls stuffed with boiled rice or meat, and deruni, potato pancakes. A paska is famous seasonal dish, is ready as salted bread served during the Easter holiday.


Ukraine is considered as center of fertile grasslands, high mountains, and thick forests. Natural hunters like wolves, martens, and foxes. These animals make prey on rodents like hamsters and jerboa. Black and hazel grouse, partridges, and wild geese climb the skies, and pike, carp, and sturgeons swim in lakes and rivers.

Because of the lack of people, mostly wildlife has been returning to the region. Cameras in the region, known as the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, have even marked rare animals as lynx and European bison.

Ukraine has Natural resource as titanium ore, bauxite, nepheline (a source of soda), alunite, and mercury (cinnabar, or mercuric sulfide) ores. Majority of resources of ozokerite known as natural paraffin wax as well found in Ukraine. Subcarpathia keeps potassium salt deposits so Subcarpathia and the Donets Basin have great deposits of rock salts. Some phosphorites as well as natural sulfur are found in Ukraine.

Agriculture in Ukraine

 Agriculture items are sugar beets, a central industrial crop, and wheat as well as Ukraine harvests the grains like barely, corn is known as maize, leguminous grains, oats, rye, millet, buckwheat, and rice watered, in Crimea. The chief crops are the potatoes in the cooler region, Sunflower seeds, the principal oil crop, are found in the steppe zone, where castor beans, mustard, rape, flax, hemp, and poppy seeds also are grown for oil as tomatoes, peppers, and melons are grown.

Bees are held in reserve in Ukraine for pollination and the production of honey, wax and silkworm. Cattle along sheep, goats, geese, pigs and chicken are raised up throughout Ukraine for meat and egg production.

Manufacturing is really vital area of the Ukrainian economy, with respect to productivity and revenue produced. Products manufactured belong to Ukraine as ferrous metals, transportation equipment and other types of heavy machinery, a variety of chemicals, food products, and other goods.

The country has a key ferrous metals industry and ranks among the top steel producers in the world. Cast iron, rolled steel, and steel pipe are shaped mostly in the Donets Basin, which is the industrial life blood of the country.

Industry of Ukraine

The chief industries produce trucks, other automobiles, railway locomotives, freight cars, seagoing vessels, hydroelectric, thermal steam and gas turbines, and electric generators.  The significant products of the Ukrainian food-processing industry are sugar (from sugar beets). The production of vegetable oil, primarily from sunflower seeds, is also important. Other processed foods like meat, grain, fruit, and dairy products, local fish-processing industries are found as Odessa. Ukraine as well produces vodka, beer, and other beverages.

Majority of the principal products of light industry are textiles (both knitted and woven), ready-to-wear garments, and shoes. As consumer goods like television sets, refrigerators, and washing machines are produced. Machine-tool and instrument-manufacturing industries also have been settled.

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