Official Name: Syrian Arab Republic

Capital: Damascus

Currency: Syrian Pound

Syria is enwrapped with the Syrian deserts and mountains stretches into numerous countries in the Middle East positioned in East Asia. Approximately its population is about 18,739,474 and the area is about 185,180 km². Arabic is the official dialect of Syria. 

The climate of Syria has hot, dry desert weather as Summers is very dry and sunny start from June- August having temperature up to 30°C, while the winter moderate to cold. Syria has autumn start from September-November and Spring start from March- May having witness of blooming the colorful flowers.

The official religion of Syria is Islam. About 90% of the Syrian are the Muslims as group of Sunnis and Shi’a as well as few Syrians are Christians, Druze, Judaism, and a few other faiths, beliefs and follows like diversities of Sufism. Diversified ethnic and religious dressing with critical Kurdish and Christians populaces.

Syrian Culture

Syrian has famous art and culture for music, especially classical Arab music.

The well-known dishes in Syria as the tabbouleh, a vegetarian salad made with tomato, mint, onions, and other ingredientslike sujuk, or spicy fermented sausage and shawarma, or thinly sliced meat stacked in a cone-like shape inside of pita bread. The customarily famous drinks in Syria are the Arabic coffee as serve for family gatherings or when guests are visiting.

Brown bears and gray wolves are the largest flesh-eating animals known as the carnivores as well as striped hyenas, red foxes, caracals, and golden jackals still stroll region of Syria as rare to spot countless of these species.

In the Syrian desert, the sand cats, golden hamsters, and poisonous snakes as black desert cobras reside in the Syria, while birds of prey like bearded vulture, red kites, and white-tailed eagles can be speckled flying through Syria’s mountainous areas. The Syrian has the most varied plant and animal life in the country as the monk seals, and loggerhead sea turtles.

Damascus is considered to be known as Madinat al-Yasmin, or the City of Jasmine as jasmine is favorite in Syria.

Agriculture in Syria

Agricultural items belong to Syria is oil, Petroleum, textiles, and agriculture products are considered to be the exports, or goods sold to other countries.

Manufactured industries belong to Syria are Wool, cotton, and nylon textiles and natural silk is also produced. Damascus is known as the city of Syria are the technical engineering industries, Chemical and industrial engineering items like cement, glass panes, bottles, utensils, pharmaceuticals, plywood and batteries.

The food-processing industry generates salt, vegetable oils, cotton cake, canned fruit and vegetables, tobacco, and a diversity of dairy products. Other industries as the preparation of superphosphates and urea and the petroleum refining.

Greatest of the traditional handmade manufactures like damask steel, swords and blades, brass and copper work, wood engravings, gold and silver ornaments, mother-of-pearl inlays, silk brocades are the items of industrial processing.

Syrian Economy

The top import items denote the Syria are industrial and agricultural machinery, motor vehicles and accessories, pharmaceutical products, food, and fabric.

The chief exports represent the Syria are the petroleum, phosphates, ginned cotton, cotton seeds, barley, lentils, cotton and woollen fabrics, dried fruit, vegetables, skins, and raw wool. 

Football, Weight lifting, judo, and karate are the Famous Sports of Syrian.

Agricultural Crops like cotton, cereals, fruits, tobacco, and livestock.

Natural mineral resources are petroleum, natural gas, and phosphates.

Syria is a parliamentary democratic republic system of government. The legislative having one house known as People’s Assembly or Majlis al-Shaʻb. The president is considered to be the head of state and government, who by law must be a Muslim. The legal system should be based on Islamic law.

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