Official Name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Capital: Islamabad

Currency: Pakistani Rupee (PKR)

Pakistan or the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the 6th largest populous country in the world. It is enwrapped with the Karakorum ranges, the beautiful Indus River and fascinating Kashmir valley, positioned in Asia. The total population is about 233,433,249 and total area is about 796,096 square kilometers. Urdu and English are the official dialects of Pakistan while Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto, Balochi and Saraki are widely spoken in Pakistan.

Pakistan assigns its borders with Afghanistan, China, India and Iran.  Karachi is famous for the Main port and it is also its economic hub.

Pakistan is blessed with four seasons having a cool, dry winter from December- February with temperature rises up to 11 °C to 17 °C, a hot, dry spring from March- May with temperature of +20 °C to +30 °C as well as the summer rainy and monsoon season from June – September, the disappearing monsoon period of October and November is called as autumn.

The official religion of Pakistan is Islam so the Muslims are in majority while other religious sections like Christianity, Hinduism and the Ahmedi Muslims also reside in the country.

Government of Pakistan

Pakistan has a federal parliamentary republic type of government. Pakistan has bicameral parliament legislation having two houses. The lower house is known as the National Assembly while the upper house is called as the Senate. The Prime minister is called as the head of the government voted by the Pakistani’s People act and the president is called as the head of the state and the Commander in Chief of the Pakistan Armed Forces appointed for period of 5 years.

The famous sports the Pakistanis are interested to play are the Cricket, Hockey, Squash, Valley ball, and Kabudi.

Fir, deodar, blue pine known as the Pinus wallichiana, and spruce are the prime coniferous trees as well as broad-leaved oaks, maples, birches, walnuts, and chestnuts predominate. Conifers are a central source of commercial timber and some groves of pine and olive. The babul tree is called as Acacia arabica is commonly found in the Indus River valley along with fruit trees.

The diversity of large mammals like brown bears, Asiatic black bears, Ursus thibetanus, also known as the Himalayan bear, leopards, rare snow leopards, Siberian ibex  known as Capra ibex sibirica), and wild sheep like markhors, Marco Polo sheep and Chiltan wild goats are in Pakistan.

Manchhar Lake in Sindh has numerous aquatic birds like mallards, teals, shovelers, spoonbills, geese, pochards, and wood ducks. Crocodiles, gavials known as crocodile-like reptiles, pythons, and wild boars.  Indus river has hub to dolphin, a freshwater dolphin whose habitat has been disturbed by hunting, pollution, and the creation of dams and barrages. There are two types of sea turtles, the green and olive ridley, nest on the Makran coast.

Desert gazelles, Jackals, foxes, and various wild cats as Eurasian lynxes, caracals, fishing cats, and jungle cats, Asiatic cheetah and endangered species as the Indus River dolphin, snow leopard, and gavial are also live in the Pakistan.

Industry in Pakistan

There are massive reserves of easily broken limestone that form growing cement industry, a key factor of the manufacturing sector. Other minerals like chromite, barite, celestine known as strontium sulfate, antimony, aragonite known as calcium carbonate, gypsum, rock salt, and marble and granite are found in the Pakistan.

Manufactured industries belong to Pakistan are Woollen textiles, sugar, paper, tobacco, and leather industries.

 The other Exports manufactured industries based on agriculture, leather and leather goods and carpets, rice and petroleum products are also significant.

Chief imports contain of machinery, chemicals and chemical products, refined petroleum, crude oil, food and edible oils, and motor vehicles.

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