Official Name: Republic of Albania

Capital: Tirana

Currency: Albanian Lek

Albania is a European country located in South East Europe’s Balkan Peninsula with presence of several sites of heritage and historical and cultural importance. Although, it is a European nation, the country is relatively poorer amongst the others in this region. The country has a population of 2.812 million as per 2021 statistics. The country is located next to Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea. It has its borders with Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Historically, Albania has been a part of Ottoman Empire. However, the country sought independence from the Islamic Empire in 1912. Although, it remained independent for a few years. The country was conquered by Italy in 1939.

Moreover, it is part of European Union. However, it is the third poorest nation in the continent. Its economy is heavily dependent on support from other European nations, tourism and sea products.

Visa for Albania

The republic has developed an online e-visa application system to visit Albania. The country offers various tourism options to visit and explore the country across its different regions.


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